Take Action

Solar energy is an undeniable solution to the world’s energy supply. The sun shines about 430 quadrillion Joules of energy on to the Earth per hour, that’s more than the total amount of energy that humans use in a year!

Currently the United States only produces 1.6% of its electricity from solar. That has to change. It’s time to take action. We have partnered with the hard working people at the Sun Trip who are making a difference.

If you are energized and motivated to do more maybe you want to build a solar bike and have an adventure yourself. Speed along on a solar bike while spreading the word on the value of solar energy to the world’s future.

More Sun Trips are coming in 2024:

For more information go to: https://www.thesuntrip.com/en/

We made a short video about the California 2022 Sun Trip: